Flutter, Stir & Sight

Some thoughts on Lori’s Flutterings Stirrings and Sightings series:

Each piece is a ponderance of those things that we really don’t understand but remain a mystery all our lives.  Ever noticed that we seem to like it that way? There are natural phenomenon that make our mouth drop open if we were to ever take the time to contemplate them.  Such things seem to be enwrapped in enigma, not really meant to be reasoned out but rather allowed to flutter over our hearts. These unexplained and unexamined phenomena seem to create flutterings and stirrings deep within us leaving us a bit unsettled. Somehow in a good way.  It is in this place of awe and wonder that we can tip our heads back and be transported right then and there.

Childhood recollections of kites dancing in the wind, billowing clouds racing in a summer storm, and the northern lights have at times made me pull off a busy highway just to encounter their mystery.  They all somehow possess the capacity to stop me in my tracks.  In an instant, I am changed by the encounter.    Somehow, I never want to lose that moment of awe that I had when I was young and gazed at the world through younger eyes.

I invite you to join the conversation of flutterings, stirrings and sightings and linger just a bit.

(visit Lori’s acrylic portfolio here).