Divine Graffiti

let beauty envelop you

Hand-painted Wearable Art

Unique luxurious, one-of-a-kind scarfs
and shawls created with the finest French
dyes on luxurious Chinese silk, hand rolled
and hemmed with 100% silk thread.
Beauty enveloping you

Silk Charmeuse 19.5 mm.
The Porsche of silks! A muted crepe on the
back side and shimmery lustrous satin on the
top side. It is heavier and more substantial
than Satin or Crepe de Chine, has a firm, soft,
supple hand and a luxuriously heavy drape.
Luxuriate in the quality and weight.

Flat Crepe Silk 8 mm.
Very popular fabric for scarves, like a cross
between Habotai and Crepe de Chine. The
weave is a type of Crepe weave that is flatter
on the surface, making it smoother than Crepe,
shinier than Habotai, but not as shiny as Satin.
Light weight silk that has a beautiful sheen,
great for summer wear.

Let it shimmer and float around you.