About Lori

artist Lori Anne Youngman

Lori with one of her handpainted silk scarfs

Lori at a Kaleido media event

Lori at the Kaleido Fest media event

Displaying a piece at The King's College

Displaying a large acrylic piece at The King's College

Beauty, colour and expression can make profound impact. Over the years, this pursuit has taken on a variety of forms for Lori, including several large community development projects. She has used the arts both clinically and educationally very successfully in a variety of settings, releasing and facilitating others’ creative processes.

Lori has released herself to pursue beauty and its effects full time. Working primarily in acrylic, her abstract work ?often is characterized by dynamic bursts of colour. Her training in sculpture is coming through in many of her current pieces

She has also created a unique line of hand painted wearable art in luxurious silk, Divine Graffiti.

Artist Statement

Lori has been compelled by Beauty perhaps as long as she can remember and it is her desire to powerfully impact her world with it. She has gathered it about her as much as possible in hopes that it might influence her with its profound example.

As years passed, she began to realize that this ability to retain her childlike wonder and attachment to beauty was unique. She really did see beauty and meaning where others might simply walk by. Within her artwork you will find an invitation to re engage in that childlike wonder and explore the painting before you freely. Find some personal meaning where it may not be obvious upon first glance.

Painting for Lori is a conversation that often continues long after the painting is completed. She invites her audience to join that conversation. From this place of deferred judgement, she invites us to wonder, `What do I see?" Lori’s choice of the abstract expressionist style is deliberate. She desires to allow the expressive marks to remain indistinct, non-representational and open to interpretation, much like cloud gazing. Lori creates space for the viewer to be free to explore the view and find themselves within the conversation.

  • A language that touches the heart, beauty can change things.
  • As we use beauty to influence our surroundings, we ourselves are changed.
  • Beauty opens doors and windows allowing the light in.
  • Conversations begin. Hearts are softened.
  • It compels the heart, soothes the weary soul and lifts the spirit.
  • Beauty Inspires.

Lori loves the luminescent quality found in ancient stained glass windows and how their colours play against the texture of the walls of the cathedrals they are found in. Their shimmering beauty inspires us even centuries after their creation. The layers of rich, vibrant, colour, particularly the yellow, blue, red and violet so often found in her work seek to inspire through their illumination as well.

Keeping that in mind, Lori desires to illuminate the story of Us.